A Visionary Outlook to Achieve Complete Market Flexibility

Our set of services are uniquely developed to support medium and large-scale token sale campaigns and allow ICO’s to be secure in their fundraising, liquidity, and exchange listing milestones.

Krypton Trading offers a range of products and services, including:

  1. Token Liquidation
  2. Exchange Introductions
  3. Exchange Boost/Market Making

Our Services

Token Liquidation Service

When running a token sale, your primary objective is to raise the funds required for the project to succeed. However, converting the collected funds into fiat (USD, EUR etc.) is a major hurdle, especially when banks are hesitant to work with ICOs and often decline/reverse crypto-related transactions citing counterparty risk, AML, and other regulations.

Exchange Introduction Service

After your token sale concludes, the next big step everyone is waiting for is an exchange listing. However, not all listings are capable of propelling a coin to the top, and a listing on a small exchange can actually hurt your token’s development more than not being listed at all.

Exchange Boost Service

Despite getting listed on an exchange, a new ICO token faces liquidity issues and traditional market-making services are not available. Without a proper market making strategy and plan, your ICO token is likely to struggle even after it gets listed.