A Visionary Outlook to Achieve Complete Market Flexibility

With Digital Assets experiencing unprecedented levels of growth recently, a new trading approach is needed to adapt to this intense volatility. As markets are exposed to these severe price fluctuations, the established investment model of “Buy and Hold” a.k.a. “HODL” may begin to struggle in delivering returns at anticipated rates.

Our industry insight and innovative approach have allowed us to develop an investment strategy, specifically tailored for profitability in highly-volatile markets – Arbitrage Trading.

Krypton Trading specializes in various forms of digital assets arbitrage trading, including:

  1. Cross exchange arbitrage trading
  2. Intra exchange arbitrage trading
  3. Automated high-speed arbitrage trading

Our Mission

Krypton Trading is utilizing its proprietary software for trading and investments, while constantly refining it, according to the latest market trends. Our flexibility enables Krypton Trading to shift between high and medium-liquidity markets effortlessly. Our dedication has helped us develop software, benefiting from the fastest execution times in the market, while reaching a 98% ROI in simulation mode during the first 3 months after introduction, as we project to go live in January 2018.

During 2018 Q2, Krypton Trading will initiate a company ICO (Initial Coin Offering), giving individual investors an opportunity to join our growth by acquiring tokens, subsequently to be listed on major digital assets exchanges globally. The token will be up for trading at any time, so participants are granted easy market entry and exit.


Krypton Trading is led by international investment professional Jacob Palm. Mr. Palm has previously successfully managed large investments in digital assets for family offices in the CIS.

Our Compliance department is headed by Yuliya Semko, a professional with 15 years of legal experience in medium and large Tech industry business ventures. As Head of Legal and Compliance, Ms. Semko has been responsible for and supervising all company legal affairs and compliance processes.

Krypton Trading is currently expanding, as we look forward to collaborate with experienced investment professionals for our growing presence in this exciting world. We deal exclusively with the world’s leading, renowned digital assets exchanges, employing the highest level of industry grade encryption to guarantee all funds’ security.